"Gary Coleman" Rock Stars: Part III
By the Editor

Ahh, the trials and tribulations of setting up interviews for EAR CANDY. Although we have the readership (10,000 every 4 days), we don’t have the “clout” of some of the established rock magazines like “Rolling Stone”. Plus, we have NO budget! I make most of my contacts via e-mail since those phone calls to LA and NYC can really rack up.

Unfortunately, I rely on the WORD of the artist when it comes to the interview. Maybe I’m naïve to think that when they agree to an interview that they REALLY intend to follow through. You might think I’m exaggerating, but I save ALL my e-mail correspondence.

This issue has no less than FOUR artists that qualify under the attitude of “Gary Coleman Rock Stars”. But, for the sake of time, I’m only going to mention two of the outstanding new members of this exclusive club. Also, we are gonna mention names, since we have the actual e-mail correspondence to back up this story…

First, there was Frankie Stubbs of Leatherface. He agreed to do an e-mail interview from England and said to go ahead and send him the questions, so we did. Then there was nothing, just silence. I know that many musicians are busy touring and recording, etc. so I waited a month. Another inquiry was sent and no reply. This went on for 4 months until we decided to christen Frankie into the “Gary Coleman Rock Stars”.

Next, there was Paul Kantner of Jefferson Starhip. I saw they were playing Atlanta and thought it would be really cool to interview this icon of rock ‘n roll. On August 15th, I first made contact with Jefferson Starship’s manager asking him for an interview with Paul Kanter. I gave him the usual pitch about what EAR CANDY is; who we have talked to; how many people visit our site, etc. I got the following positive response:

I am the band's manager ... happy to arrange the interview. Are you familiar with the Artist's history & music? That usually helps!
I then told him that ANY format for the interview will work, since I want to be totally flexible with the artist. His next reply was:
Email me 5 sample questions & we'll get going!
“Ughh,” I thought to myself. I’ve only had 2 artists in 3+ years of EAR CANDY ask for preliminary questions. So, I took the time to drag out my old Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship albums and scan my library of rock books to come up with some quick intelligent questions that Paul hadn’t heard in his 30+ years in rock ‘n roll. A few days later I send off the sample questions to the manager. For more than a week there is no reply. So, I sent another letter asking if he received them. His response was:
Thanks Ronnie: Here's PAUL's email address – (address withheld) - drop him a line & get going.
I forwarded the questions to Paul and hear nothing for 2 weeks. I e-mail him, asking if he had changed his mind about the interview. His response was:
Sorry Ronnie
I've been back ache ill
send and try again
more lucid now


San Francisco

Another week goes by with no response. So, I send another polite inquiry and get the following message:
found your questions
will process them thru my dreanged senses and get back to you soon
real busy
si if I lapse
post me again end of next week
is that ok?


Two more weeks go by and I repeat the above action. This time the response is:


(Do you see a pattern emerging here?) More time goes by and I get:
I think it would produce better results just talking via phone and you
recording it or whatever
Is that any problem for you
Next week except say Wednesday or Thursday
earlier in the morn
8:30, 9:30 or so



I reply, telling Paul that that would be fine. Then long silence on the old computer. December has arrived, so I send a letter to Paul’s manager who tells me:
Email PK @ (address withheld) ... tell him I sent you & get it organized.
So, I follow his instructions. Two more months go by and I give up on this one! Looking back, it is a good thing that I DIDN’T telephone, because then I would have had to pay for the abuse! Ha ha! Oh well, it’s not a total loss. I did get an article out of it!

Stay tuned for more to come…